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Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art climbing robot can do what no other inspection method can, especially on non-ferrous surfaces. They provide you with precise, 360-degree diagnostics so that you can detect cracks and defects on your equipment faster.

Our advanced sliding suction cup technology enables our robots to stick to most non-magnetic surfaces. The robots' manoeuvrability means it can inspect form a number of angles.

Technical Specifications

The robot acts as a platform that can carry an additional payload up to 5 kg. This opens up the possibility to bring NDT type of measurements like Ultra Sonic wall thickness, Eddy current, spark testing etc into the confined spaces.

Crawler size:
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 400W, 450L. 200D (mm)
Material: ABS, Aluminium, Rubber
Maximum cable length: 60m (standard), can be extended up to 100m

Power consumption: 200W
Power supply: LV DC (36V)
Operational temperature range: Zero to 50 degree Celsius (standard), can be configured for other temps

Maximum height: 50m tall
Minimum diameter: Greater than 1.2m
Maximum surface roughness: Less than 6.3 micron Ra (N9)
Powered using 110/240VAC, single phase 2 kW supply

Maximum linear speed: 120 mm/sec (7.2 minute)

Suction system:
Adhesion mechanism: Active and passive sliding suction
Adhesion redundancy: Four times redundancy built into the suction system.
Vacuum pump: Non. The system stays stuck even during power loss.

Visual inspection:
Camera specs: 1080p, 30fps
Camera streaming: Yes, in real-time
Camera recording: Yes
Integrated lighting: Yes
Optical Zoom: 30x, from > 5m
Camera resolve: Down to 65 micron  across

  • Reliable

    Multiple redundant adhesion systems mean the system is safe, even during power loss

  • Portable

    The system can be readily transported as air freight, minimising costs and increasing speed

  • Remote

    The system is controlled remotely from a safe location, eliminating all hazards to the operator

  • Repeatable

    Use of a robot means you get the same inspection each and every time.

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Let us show you in person just how safe, fast and accurate robotic inspection is.

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Benefits of our robotic inspections

Diagnostic accuracy

We provide 360-degree diagnostics on both concave and convex surfaces. Our remote robots augment human inspection methods to identy defects as small as 1/16-mm.

Safer for your people

Robot operators are always outside the vessel during the inspection so there is no need for working at height or confined space entry.

Less maintenance downtime

Compared to traditional inspection methods, we pick up and fix defects faster and you can get assets back to work sooner. It takes us approximately eight hours to inspect a spray dryer with an 8-m diameter.


Data acquisition using precise location measurements means maintenance is consistent and repeatable year on year.

Real-time results

Initial results are available instantaneously – while the inspection is taking place. A full assessment report, including marked defect locations and images, is provided within 72 hours.

Ready to see Invert Robotics live in action?

Let us show you in person just how safe, fast and accurate robotic inspection is.

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