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Visual Inspection

Invert's robotic solution offers the safest and most accurate inspections in the stainless steel food and beverage inspection market.

We can inspect your storage tanks, spray dryers, cyclones, bag filters, fluid beds and other vessels for cracks and defects.

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Risk mitigation through visual inspection

Stainless steel processing equipment degrades and corrodes through normal use. High temperatures and caustic cleaning chemicals create a pattern of thermal cycling that can cause cracks to develop near welds inside the equipment. If left unattended these cracks can:
  • harbour harmful bacteria such as E.coli and Listeria Monocytogenes
  • shorten the life cycle of the asset
  • cause an explosion hazard

Our visual inspection service identifies these cracks and assists you in mitigating risks that arise from them. At its core, the service combines our state of the art robot solution with the experience and expertise of our highly skilled and certified inspectors.

The robots’ manoeuvrability means they can inspect all internal surfaces, including looking into pipework and ducting. They can even complete inspections hanging upside down. This provides you with a safe, fast and repeatable way of ensuring your equipment is free from defects. In doing so we help to minimise production downtime and reduce the possibility of product recalls.

Our staff is fully qualified and certified in a range of NDT methodologies including visual inspections (VT-2). Our proprietary inspection process ensures comprehensive and consistent service delivery every time.

Benefits of our visual inspections

Diagnostic accuracy

We provide 360-degree diagnostics on both concave and convex surfaces. Our remote robots augment human inspection methods to identify defects as small as 1/16-mm.

Less maintenance downtime

Compared to traditional inspection methods, we pick up and fix defects faster and you can get assets back to work sooner. It takes us approximately eight hours to inspect a spray dryer with an 8-m diameter.

Safer for your people

Robot operators are always outside the vessel during the inspection so there is no need for working at height or for confined space entry permits.

Real-time results

Initial results are available instantaneously – while the inspection is taking place. A full assessment report, including marked defect locations and images, is provided within 72 hours.


Data acquisition using precise location measurements means maintenance is consistent and repeatable year on year.

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