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    Team Leader, Mechanical

    As the Team Leader, you hold a deep technical understanding of and experience in your technical field and in this case, Mechanical Engineering. 

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    Role summary

    You are a thought-leader in the company in terms of design and product development, in a Mechanical Engineering context and you provide technical leadership to the Mechanical Team and to the wider company as required.

    Essential Responsibilities

    You will work closely with the R&D Manager and the CTO in the creation of technology strategies and determining technology priorities to be delivered and you will take accountability for the delivery of quality design and product development through your team. 

    You will collaborate with the Project Manager on project resourcing; ensuring you provide the right technical resources from your team required to deliver on the technology projects. Throughout the project delivery, you will support the Mechanical Engineers, Project Manager and other project team members with technical expertise; solving problems and providing proactive information and knowledge to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and meet expectations.

    This is an important management position within the company and it is expected that the Team Leader will maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity, display a positive attitude and a team focus and be enquiring and articulate.

    Skills and Experience

    In order to be effective in the position the Team Leader shall have and be able to demonstrate the following skills and experience:

    • Extensive experience with proven capability in Mechanical Engineering; evidenced by at least 10 years’ experience of successfully working in this technical discipline both in a hands-on engineering role and in senior engineering or team leader roles.

    • Proven capability successfully coaching and educating others in an electrical engineering context; evidenced by testimonials or references in support.

    • Experience and proven capability effectively collaborating with project managers and project engineers – as a project team member or leader – and working together to deliver projects on time, one budget and to specification.

    • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree required with a post graduate qualification in a relevant discipline (preferred).


    In order to be effective in the position, the Team Leader shall have and be able to consistently demonstrate the attributes and behaviours described below.

    • Actively demonstrates professionalism throughout the business and the industry and is a credible and trustworthy person who holds the respect and loyalty of all stakeholders.
      Shows a willingness to take a “hands-on” approach to getting the work done and is comfortable with ambiguity.
    • Takes accountability for actions and areas of responsibility; ensuring objectives are met, decisions are made and actions are undertaken – without fail. Is proactive in resolving roadblocks to success for self and team.
    • Is forward thinking, dynamic and business minded.
    • Strongly leads by example, provides clear expectations and direction.
    • Is proactive, energetic and positive in all dealings with colleagues and customers.
    • Demonstrates a strong understanding and commitment to the goals and objectives of the organisation, regularly contributes to formulating goals. Actively works to support the goals and objectives of others across the business.
    • Plans direction for areas of responsibility and can change plans as company direction alters.
    • Makes the timely decisions in difficult situations that have broad impact across the company.
    • Champions the ‘quality cause’, sets directions, defines standards and values and embeds continuous improvement inside and outside areas of responsibility.
    • Strives to keep a constant “eye” on the market through building rapport with key contacts, networking and keeping up to date with market information through research in various media.
    • Is “thirsty for knowledge” and regularly updates knowledge and skill through effective training and education.

    About us

    Our state-of-the-art climbing robots can do what no other inspection method can, especially on non-ferrous surfaces. They provide you with precise, 360-degree diagnostics so that you can detect cracks and defects on your equipment faster. Our advanced sliding suction cup technology enables our robots to stick to most non-magnetic surfaces. The robots’ manoeuvrability means it can inspect from a number of angles; it can even complete its inspection hanging upside down.


    Christchurch, New Zealand

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