Ultrasonic Testing

Measure the remaining wall thickness of a wide range of your steel, stainless steel and aluminium assets in industries like food and beverage, (petro)chemical and aviation.

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Ultrasonic testing to eliminate all risk

Many tanks and vessels are subject to corrosion due to chemicals and water. The effect is that the tank wall will be thinned out over time. This poses a serious threat to staff, the environment and for the asset itself, potentially resulting in significant downtime.

This means that regular inspections are necessary to ensure the safety and efficiency of your plant. On the other hand, safety organisations like EMUA in Europe and API in the US specify mandatory inspections.

Benefits of our visual inspections

Analytical accuracy

We provide 360-degree diagnostics on both concave and convex surfaces. Our remote robots supersede human inspection methods to identify your defects as small as 65 microns (2/1000”).

Safety for your people

Our qualified robot operators are always performing inspections from outside confined spaces. This helps minimise the contamination risk of your critical assets and maximise human safety.

Less downtime

Compared to conventional, time-consuming methods, we detect defects quickly. This enables you to get your critical assets back in production as soon as possible.

Real time results

Initial results are available instantaneously even while the inspection is taking place. We provide you with a full assessment report, including marked defect locations and images, is provided within 72 hours.


Your critical assets need to be reviewed periodically. Our data acquisition uses precise location measurements so the maintenance is consistent and easily repeatable year on year. In addition to this Invert Robotics can optimise your maintenance by analysing the data in order to predict the lifecycle of your asset

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