Robotic Crawler

Your equipment with smooth surfaces are no challenge for our state of the art climbing robots. Our robots deliver precise and 360-degree diagnostics so the detection of cracks and defects of your equipment can be done faster.

The advanced sliding suction cup technology enables our robots to stick to your non-magnetic surfaces. The robots' excellent manoeuvrability means it can inspect your equipment from all possible angles, even hanging upside down. This gives a complete inspection of your entire equipment without missing an angle.

Technical specifications of our robotic crawler

  •  Weight: 5 kg
  •  Dimensions: 400W, 450L, 200D (mm)
  • Material: ABS, aluminium, rubber
  • Maximum cable length: 60m (standard) can be extended up to 100m 

  • Power Consumption: 200W
  • Power Supply: LV DC (36V)
  • Operational temperature range: 0°C to 50/60°C; solutions for extended operating temperatures are available


  • Maximum linear speed: 120mm/sec (7.2 meter per minute)

Suction system:

  •  Adhesion mechanism: active and passive sliding suction
  • Adhesion redundancy: 4x redundancy built into the suction system
  • Vacuum pump: the robot has an active vacuum system. in case of power loss there is a safety feature which prevents the robot from falling
  • Reliable

    Multiple redundant adhesion systems mean the system is safe, even during power loss

  • Portable

    The system can be readily transported as air freight, minimising costs and increasing speed

  • Remote

    The system is controlled remotely from a safe location, eliminating all hazards to the operator

  • Repeatable

    Use of a robot means you get the same inspection each and every time.

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Adding value to your business

Safety for your people

Our remote inspection camera helps you minimise contamination risk of your critical assets and optimise human safety.

Less downtime

Compared to traditional and time consuming methods, we detect and repair defects quickly, so you can get your critical production assets back in operation as soon as possible.

Real-time results

While the remote inspection camera is doing its work, the initial results are available for you right on the spot. We provide you with the full assessment report within 72 hours after the inspection.


Your critical production assets need to be reviewed periodically. Our data acquisition uses precise location measurements so the maintenance is consistent and easily repeatable year on year again.

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