Custom Robotic Inspection Systems

You might need a custom robotic solution for the inspection of your assets. We can offer you a custom-developed robotic inspection system tailored to your specific requirements which will enable you to achieve your objectives.

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Custom Robotic Inspection Systems to achieve your unique goals

In some cases, our clients have a very specific challenge that cannot be solved with a conventional solution. Our process-driven R&D teams specialise in mechatronics and robotics and work alongside our customers to find efficient and innovative solutions. With this intensive collaboration, we ensure the end product meets all requirements.

Whatever the need of the client, in terms of a robotic inspection,  we can provide a cost-effective solution. With our innovative robotic technology, you can inspect your assets. By doing so, you are able to achieve your goals in terms of safety, production, efficiency, maintenance and quality.

What makes our custom robots so special?

  • We go places where others cannot
  • We enter the smallest confined spaces
  • We can be used for industries like Food and Beverage, (Petro) Chemical, Energy and Aviation


Diagnostic Accuracy

Diagnostic Accuracy

With our custom made solution you will receive the data that you need in order to meet objectives and optimise the life cycle of your assets

Unique Solution

We offer custom made solutions for your unique problems so that you can optimise your results in every possible way.

Safety for your people

Our remote inspection camera helps you minimise contamination risk of your critical assets and optimise human safety.

Less downtime

Compared to conventional, time-consuming methods, we detect and repair defects fast so you can get your critical mission assets back in operation as soon as possible.

Real-time results

Compared to conventional, time-consuming methods, we detect and repair defects within a short time frame enabling you to get your critical assets back into production as soon as possible.


Your critical assets need to be reviewed periodically. Our data acquisition uses precise location measurements so the maintenance is consistent and easily repeatable year on year. In addition to this Invert Robotics can optimise you maintenance by analysing the data in order to predict the lifecycle of your asset.

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